How to Clean a Hot Tub?

Did you know that a well-kept hot tub can last for more than a decade?

The key to this longevity lies not just in its construction but in the care and cleaning it receives.

But not cleaning properly can cause problems with the quality of the water. This can also lead to health problems.

This guide will show you how to clean and take care of your hot tub. By doing so, it will remain a source of comfort, relaxation, and fun for years to come.

Our tips and tricks will help you keep your hot tub in great shape. Let's dive in and discover the secrets to a sparkling, clean, and hygienic hot tub experience.


Before you begin cleaning your hot tub, gather the necessary materials and tools:

  • Submersible pump or spa vacuum
  • pH test strips or a water testing kit
  • Spa filter cleaner
  • Soft-bristle brush or spa brush
  • Hot tub surface cleaner
  • Garden hose
  • Microfiber cloth or soft sponge
  • Rubber gloves
  • A bucket
  • Replacement filters (if needed)
  • Chemicals for water balance and sanitation (chlorine or bromine)


The first thing you need to do to keep your hot tub in good shape is to drain it. Draining the water efficiently prepares the environment for successful cleaning. It also ensures a fresh start for water chemistry.

1. Turn off the power:

Make sure the hot tub is not plugged in before you start dumping it. This step is very important to keep you safe while you work at the spa.

2. Find the drain valve:

The drain valve for your hot tub is usually near the bottom. It could be a twist valve or have a drain hose attached to it.

3. Connect the garden hose:

Connect the hose to the drain valve. Make sure the hose is long enough to reach a good place for drainage.

4. Open drain valve:

Now, carefully open the drain valve.

5. Clean the hot tub:

You can clean the inside of your hot tub while the water is drained.

6. Close the drain valve:

Once the hot tub is empty, keep the drain valve closed.


Hot tub filters are essential for preserving water quality. They keep your spa clean and safe. Cleaning these filters regularly is critical for their functioning.

1. Locate the filters:

They're usually located near the intake area and are easily accessible.

2. Remove the filters:

Remove the filters from their housing with care. They're designed to be easily removed for cleaning.

3. Rinse with water:

Using a yard hose or a sink sprayer, thoroughly rinse the filters to remove any loose debris or dirt. Make certain that both sides of the filters are clean.

4. Deep cleaning:

Soak the filters in a filter-cleaning solution. Alternatively, use a mixture of water and a non-foaming filter cleaner to remove built-up pollutants. For the required soaking time, refer to the package instructions.

5. Scrape as needed:

If you see any stubborn stains or debris, gently scrape the filters with a soft brush or a filter cleaning tool. Avoid using abrasive products or rough brushes.

6. Rinse once more:

After cleaning or scrubbing, rinse the filters thoroughly with clean water. This will eliminate any remaining cleaning solution or debris.

7. Allow the filters to dry:

This step is critical for preventing mold and mildew growth.


Maintaining the interior of your hot tub is critical to ensuring a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

1. Gather your supplies:

To begin, gather the following items: a soft brush, a light spa-friendly cleaner, a bucket, and a hose.

2. Use the cleanser:

Dilute the mild, spa-friendly cleaning solution in a bucket of water. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for the correct proportions. Apply the cleanser evenly to the inside surfaces with a gentle brush.

3. Scrub gently:

Using the cleaner, carefully scrub the inside of your hot tub. Avoid using abrasive products that could damage the surface.

4. Cover all locations:

Cover all locations, including the seats, corners, and jets. A soft brush with a long handle might assist you in reaching those difficult-to-reach areas.

5. Thoroughly rinse:

Use a hose to thoroughly rinse the interior of the hot tub. Ensure that all of the cleaning solution has been washed away, leaving the surface clean.

6. Inspect the Jets:

Examine the jet nozzles for debris or build-up.


Refilling your hot tub is an important part of maintaining it. Making sure the hot tub is properly refilled is important. This applies whether it's just a regular water change or after a deep clean.

1. Find the water source:

Look for a nearby water source. This could be a yard hose connection or, if your hot tub has one, a custom fill line.

2. Connect the hose:

Hook up the outdoor hose to the water source.

3. Put the hose under the water:

Put the hose's open end under the water. To keep air from getting into the hose, you want to make sure it's completely covered.

After making sure everything is ready, you can turn on the water to start filling up the hot tub.

4. Avoid airlocks:

You can move the hose around gently while the hot tub fills up to get rid of any air that is stuck inside.

5. Turn off the water:

Once the hot tub is full, disconnect the hose from the tub and turn off the water.


For a safe and enjoyable soak, it's important to keep the right chemical balance in your hot tub.

1. Test the water:

Use a water testing kit or strips to check the water in your hot tub. This will assist you in figuring out the present chemical amounts.

2. Change the pH levels:

You'll need to make changes if the pH level is too high (alkaline) or too low (acidic). To change the pH level, add a pH increaser or decreaser. Pay close attention to the product's directions.

3. Clean the water with chlorine or bromine:

To get the right amount of sanitization, it's important to be precise. Follow the dosage instructions on the product label.

4. Add a clarifier:

If your water looks cloudy, adding a clarifying product can help. To clear up the water, add the amount of clarifier that is suggested.

5. Check calcium hardness:

To lower the calcium level, you might need to drain some of the water from your hot tub and fill it back up with fresh water. If it's too low, add a calcium hardness increaser.

6. Stick to a plan:

To keep the water in your hot tub balanced, make a regular plan for testing and maintenance.

7. Learn:

Take the time to learn about what your hot tub needs and how the materials you're using work. There may be different needs for different types and brands.


Keeping your hot tub filters in good shape is important to make sure you have a clean and comfortable soak.

1. Check the filter housing:

Check the filter housing for any dirt or other things that might be blocking it.

2. Install the clean filters:

Once the filters are dry, put them back in the hot tub. Make sure they're seated properly.

3. Make a maintenance schedule:

To keep the quality of the water high, check and clean filters regularly.


The final step in preparing your hot tub for a relaxing soak is turning it on.

1. Make sure the power is on:

Make sure that the power to your hot tub is working properly.

2. Check the water level:

Make sure there is enough water in your hot tub. It should be at the right level, which is usually near the middle of the filter or skimmer entry.

3. Turn on the control panel:

Find your hot tub's control panel. It's usually near the edge of the tub.

To choose the temperature you want for the water, use the control screen.

4. Turn on the jets:

If you want to use the jets, turn them on using the controls that are given.

5. Let the hot tub heat up:

Give your hot tub some time to get to the temperature you want.

6. Enjoy Your Hot Tub:

Once you've set the right temperature and made sure the water is balanced, you can start relaxing in your hot tub.

7. Lock the cover:

Don't forget to lock the hot tub cover after your soak. This helps keep the hot tub clean and the water temperature steady.


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A hot tub that is well taken care of has clean, sparkling water, good filtering, and a safe, germ-free space.

Get excited about the process, and be proud of how well you take care of your hot tub.

So, you now have a place to relax and recharge right in your own home. Your future self will surely appreciate the time and work you put into this important part of hot tub ownership.